Changes to the 30% ruling 2019 – maximum term reduced

Changes to the 30% ruling as of 2019

As you may have heard, the duration of the 30% ruling has been reduced as of January 2019. This also counts for those who have already been granted the 30% ruling before 2019. 

Below you can see what has changed and what this means for you.

30% ruling changed 2019

Your 30% ruling was granted before 1 January 2012

The duration of your grant is a maximum of 10 years providing you applied for it within 4 months of starting work in the Netherlands.

Your 30% ruling was granted between 1 January 2012 and 1 January 2019

The duration of your grant is a maximum of 8 years. Due to a transitional arrangement, the end date of the grant may change, below you can see what your new end date will be. You will not be issued with a new grant stating this, so it is up to you and your employer to keep track of the new end date.

End date year on your grant: New end date:
2019 or 2020 Remains the same as stated on your grant
2021, 2022 or 2023 31st of December 2020
2024 or later The end date on on your grant minus 3 years

Your 30% ruling is granted after 1 January 2019

Your grant is valid for a maximum of 5 years.


You are eligible for the 30% ruling if you meet the following conditions:

  • You were recruited from outside of the Netherlands.
  • You have an employment contract.
  • Your specific expertise is scarce in the Dutch employment market. This is apparent if one of the following applies to you:
    • Your salary in 2019 is at least € 37,743 (2018: € 37,296) This excludes the tax free compensation.
    • You are under 30 years of age and have a Dutch master’s degree in scientific education or a foreign degree of the same level and your salary is at least € 28.690 in 2019 (2018: € 28.350).
    • You are conducting scientific research at a research institution. In that case you are always eligible for the 30% ruling.
  • In the 2 years prior to your first work day in the Netherlands, you lived outside of the Netherlands for at least 16 months and at least a distance of 150 kilometers from the Dutch border.

If you would like help from Expatax with your 30% ruling application, please click here to read further and start the process. If you would like to check if you qualify, use our handy online tool.

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