We help other tax firms

Advice and outsourcing of specialised cases

Expatax can offer advice to tax firms who may not have the capacity or in-house expertise to deal with clients who have complicated situations; they may move often and only be in the Netherlands for a short period of time. You may have clients who are highly skilled migrants and have just arrived in the Netherlands and are eligible for the 30% ruling.

Years of experience

We have over 15 years of experience with precisely these types of cases and file hundreds of M-forms each year. That means we have specialized staff who can handle these cases without having to do extra research first. We have a high success rate with 30% ruling applications and can process them quickly. We can help with individual cases or make arrangements to work together should you have to deal with complicated cases more often.

We manage the payroll administration of hundreds of international companies. These can be very complicated due to international requirements and cross-border employees. We have the experience to help you with the payroll administration of your clients.

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