Conditions for temporary emergency regulations for self-employed entrepreneurs announced

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The conditions of the Temporary Bridging Scheme for Independent Entrepreneurs (Tozo) have been published. The scheme is implemented by municipalities and will continue until 1 June.

Self-employed people can make use of two facilities from the Tozo:

  • income support and
  • a loan for working capital.

The scheme is similar to assistance for the self-employed (Bbz). For example, the amounts used are based on the social minimum, the amount that people need for living. Living costs include costs such as groceries and rent.

In order to receive income support, the self-employed person must declare that he expects that, as a result of the corona crisis, his income will be less than the social minimum over the next three months. The income is then supplemented for a maximum of three months. For married couples and cohabiting couples, the income is supplemented to an amount of 1,500 euros net and for singles to 1,050 euros net. It is a gift and therefore does not have to be refunded.

Self-employed persons who earn more than the social assistance standard, or who receive more wages from regular employment than their social assistance standard in addition to their business, will not receive any supplement. For a married couple or cohabitants (with children), of whom both partners are self-employed entrepreneurs, the maximum amount paid out is 1,500 euros net, in accordance with the rules of the Participation Act. The scheme will continue to apply until 1 June 2020. Self-employed entrepreneurs who experience liquidity problems as a result of the corona crisis can apply for a loan for working capital of up to 10,157 euros with an interest of 2%. This will be available within four weeks. The maximum term of the loan is three years. No repayments are required until January 2021.

Accelerated procedure

Compared to the Bbz, the Tozo contains more relaxed conditions and an accelerated procedure. An application for the Tozo is done digitally as much as possible and can be completed within four weeks, instead of the usual 13 weeks. Look for the digital application form on the website of your municipality. You submit this to your municipality, along with copies of your identification (driving license is not sufficient), bank statements, existing orders, letters and information about household composition. The municipality itself collects data from the Chamber of Commerce Trade Register (excerpt). Municipalities have sometimes outsourced the treatment to a joint venture or (larger) neighboring municipality. Look for this on the website of your municipality.


The self-employed person must declare with the application that they expect their income to be less than the social minimum in the next three months due to the corona crisis. If this turns out to be different afterwards, the self-employed person must notify the municipality. The relaxation means that no research is done into the viability of the company. In addition, the assets (such as a savings account and home ownership) and the partner’s income have no influence on the allowance. The scheme is so simple and quick to implement.

More specifically, the following requirements apply:

  • Self-employed persons, from 18 years of age up to retirement age.
  • Resident and lawfully staying in the Netherlands.
  • Dutch or equivalent.
  • The company or independent profession is carried out in the Netherlands.
  • Meets legal requirements for running your own business, including registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Was registered in the Trade Register before March 17, 2020 6.45 pm and started the company and meets the hour criterion, that is, working at least 1,225 hours per year in his own company or self-employed profession.
  • Resident in the municipality, where additional income support is requested.
  • Income as a result of the corona crisis below the social minimum.

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