Time extension for your Dutch income tax return: Expatax can help!

Invitation to file a Dutch tax return in the Netherlands

If you have been invited by the tax authorities to file a tax return then they have given you a deadline to do this.

What is the deadline for my tax return?

The standard deadline for income tax returns for the previous year is 1st May of the following year. If you didn’t live in the Netherlands the whole year the standard deadline is 1st July of the following year.

If you were not invited to file a tax return then a deadline is not applicable. However, if you know that you have to pay income tax, for example since you have freelance income which hasn’t been taxed yet, then you have an obligation to file yourself without needing an invitation. If you receive an invitation at a later moment you have at least one month time to file the tax return.

Can I get a time extension for filing the return?

Yes, a time extension can certainly be arranged. You can arrange this yourself by contacting the tax authorities. But this must be done before the original deadline which was given to you. The tax authorities can grant you a time extension of 4 months without requiring a reason for the extension. If these 4 months are not sufficient an additional extension can be requested but then you will have to provide a reason for the delay.

I am too late with the request for a time extension

You can still try to arrange a time extension by contacting the tax authorities. This may still be possible as long as you haven’t received a reminder.

What can Expatax do for me?

As registered tax firm we have a special time extension agreement with the tax authorities. This means that if the tax return is prepared by Expatax that the deadline can be extended till 1st May one year later. For the 2022 tax return the extended deadline would then be 1s May 2024. This means a full extra year time to file your tax return. But this must also be done before a reminder is received. So if you would like us to help you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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