How long will the 30% ruling application take? When will I receive a reply?


I have applied for the benefit 2 weeks ago, along with my employer. How long should it take before I get an answer from the tax office?


The whole procedure will take up to 16 weeks (timeframe per November 2019). The tax authorities will first send a confirmation of receipt, which can take 2 weeks already. If the application is not complete they will send a request for more information. If the tax authorities believe you don‘t qualify they will normally inform you of their intention first so that you can provide more proof or information why you believe you do qualify. After that you will receive the formal decision. To speed up the procedure it is important that the application is complete and all documents are provided.

Once granted the 30% ruling will be applicable from the start date. This will be the first day of employment if the application was filed within 4 months after the start of the employment. Otherwise it will be the first day of the month following the month in which the application was filed.

Expatax can always assist with the application. We are able to reduce the timeframe with weeks.

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