Change of employer after 2 weeks – 30% ruling application in progress


I moved from Frankfurt to Hengelo on 1st December 2019 for work. But after 2 weeks I got a better opportunity in Maastricht and joined the other company on 19th December. I do not know whether my previous employer has successfully granted the 30 percent tax ruling for me or not, but I know that they had applied for it. Now please guide me how to tackle this with my current employer? 


You will have to apply for the 30% ruling again together with your current employer.

But it is important to know whether the 30% ruling has been granted to you for your work for the first employer. If so it will be a transfer of the ruling to the new employer. If the ruling was not granted you will not qualify for the second employer either since you would then be hired locally by the second employer and it would not be considered a transfer for an incoming employee. You therefore need to check with the first employer whether they got the ruling granted for you.

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