Ons filmpje over de 1.000 blauwe enveloppen die we op één dag van de belastingdienst ontvingen

16 april 2013

Due to a mistake we didn’t receive one envelope with a list of 1,000 tax returns, but for each tax return a separate envelope. And more envelopes will follow….

We receive blue envelopes every day. But such a large number led to the idea to do something with it. So in the evening we created a row of all the envelopes we received and made it a sort of guide through our office. Then we took our camera and made a movie following the entire trail going up and down like E.T. cycling through the sky.

The movie was promoted by RTV Utrecht and then went viral. Hundreds of newssites picked up the movie like Telegraaf.nl, AD.nl, Volkskrant.nl and also NOS.nl. Several radio stations mentioned the movie in their news items (Radio 1, 2, 5, BNR, 538), Omroep Max, Nederland 1, RTL Editie NL, De Wereld Draait Door and many more.

Just have look.

YouTube video

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