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Is the 30% ruling applicable for dependents? Can the dependent spouse also exchange a foreign driving license?

Two questions:

  • If one member of the family (spouse) is enjoying the 30% ruling and the dependent spouse found a job here with a Dutch company, is the dependent spouse eligible to get the 30% ruling?
  • Is the dependent spouse also eligible to exchange the foreign driving license if the other spouse has the 30% ruling?

Both of us have a long term residence permit and one of the spouse is here as a highly skilled migrant.


The 30% ruling is a personal benefit. It is granted to an incoming employee for a specific job. The dependent spouse is not an incoming employee unless contract conversations were already taking place while living abroad. But normally the dependent spouse finds a job at a later moment when everything is settled in the Netherlands. If that is the case the dependent spouse is treated as a locally hired employee for whom the 30% ruling is not applicable.

Both partners can exchange a foreign driving license if one of the partners has the 30% ruling.

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