How can I prove that I satisfy the 150 km requirement?

If you were recruited from abroad we have to prove to the tax authorities that

  1. you were living outside the Netherlands when you were recruited by your employer and
  2. that you were living there (or any other foreign country) during at least 16 months in the past 2 years.

If the employment contract includes your foreign address then this is proof that you were recruited from abroad.

To prove number 2 additional documents are required. Your resume or a LinkedIn profile is not sufficient unfortunately.

Examples of proof that the Dutch tax authorities accept are:

  • Bank statements for this period (with your foreign address)
  • Salary statements for this period (with your foreign address)
  • Employment contract which was valid in this period or a confirmation from the employer during which period you worked there
  • Rental contract abroad
  • Gas/water/electricity bills for this period or overview bank account showing these payments.
  • Proof of (de)registration from the local authorities abroad
  • Other evidence that can be used to prove residence abroad in this period

The more documents are provided with the application the better.

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