Can I get a time extension for filing my Dutch tax return?

Since it is not always possible to file a tax return before the general deadline of May 1 it is possible to request a time extension.

If you can’t make the deadline just write a letter to the tax office or call them stating that you need some extra time. The tax office will then give you a time extension until July 1 or even later. You don’t have to give a specific reason. If necessary you can get an extra time extension again if the date of July 1 can’t be made either.

Registered tax advisors like Expatax B.V. can use a special agreement made with the tax office. This agreement says that registered tax advisors can arrange a time extension for all their clients at the same time (with one request) up to May 1 of the next year. So for the tax return of 2019 we can arrange a time extension up to May 1, 2021 if you hire us to prepare your tax return.

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