One point of contact

One of the things that makes Expatax unique is that we offer a variety of different services that can easily be combined where needed. This means you don’t have work with multiple separate agencies to take care of your payroll, accounting and tax needs; Expatax offers it all!

Multi-faceted approach to your specific situation

We can combine our services to suit your specific needs; you might be a business who needs accounting services and corporate tax, but also yearly income tax returns for your employees or a large multinational who requires payroll for employees that are highly skilled migrants and therefore also need to have their 30% ruling applications taken care of. These are all situations we handle regularly and have skilled staff in departments that work together seamlessly.

Your custom tailored solution

We can provide you with a plan and price estimate based on your needs, just click the button below to contact us. Either send us a message detailing your situation and needs or call us to discuss the many possibilities.