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File your tax return in the Netherlands

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Did you also receive a blue envelop from the Dutch tax authorities? Every year the tax authorities want to know all about your personal situation. You have to be sure you provide the requested information, but don't provide more information than necessary.

Expatax can prepare your tax return for you. We prepare several thousands of tax returns every year so we are well known with all kinds of situations expats can face. The tax returns for 2018 and previous years can be filed (up to 5 years back). If you haven't received a tax form yet then the question is whether you have to file a tax return. In our Knowledge Base we answer this question and many other questions.


Procedure - we prepare and file your Dutch tax return

If you are a new client please complete the registration form and fill out the tax return questionnaire in our client portal.

If you are an existing client go to our client portal directly. If you don't have a log in yet please send an email to info @ and we will give you access. Fill out the tax return questionnaire in our portal.

When you have access to our client portal you can upload documents in the portal and also see the information we already have about you, the invoices we sent you etc.

If necessary we will arrange a time extension for the tax return. We can use a special ruling with the tax authorities which allows us to get a time extension for the income tax return until May 1st of the next year. For the tax return for 2018 this will then be May 1st 2019. This is only necessary if you received an invitation from the tax authorities, if not the 1st May deadline is not applicable. See also the article in our Knowledge Base: I haven't received a tax return, do I still need to file one?

We will prepare your tax return based on the information provided by you. The more information you provide (even if you are not sure whether it is relevant) the sooner we can complete your tax return.

A fiscal report in English containing all calculations and explanations will be sent to you so that you know what will be filed. We will also send you the invoice for the tax return preparation.

After you have (digitally) approved the tax report we will file the tax return electronically.

The tax authorities will send the tax assessment directly to you. This may take some time, especially when an M or C form is involved. Interest will be calculated. We can request the tax authorities to send us an electronic copy of the tax assessment.

Knowledge base - questions about filing a tax return in Holland


Some of the questions answered in our knowledge base:

Additional comments


We can assist you with all the possible tax forms in the Netherlands. 

We can also assist you with filing a request for a provisional refund, for example for the interest on your mortgage or the general tax credit for the partner with no income.

For business clients other rules will apply since first the administration must be done or completed.

Tax returns which can still be filed:

Make sure that you are up to date with your tax returns in Holland.