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Under conditions it is possible to deduct certain study costs in your Dutch tax return. You can deduct the study costs if the purpose of the study is to get a better job, to improve your job or to make a career step within the current company. The study must be work related. Studies followed as a hobby are not deductible, it must be evident that the study can be used to earn an (higher) income. Important is that there is a learning process. You must study under guidance or supervision of a teacher. It doesn't matter whether the study is provided by an official institution like a university or by a commercial organisation and whether it is offline or online.

The maximum amount which can be deducted per year is € 15,000 with a threshold of € 250 and reduced with a reimbursement received from the employer. If a study grant or finance is received from the Dutch governement then the received amount is tax free but the study costs are no longer deductible.

You can find more information about the deduction of education costs in the following article in our Knowledge Base: