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Newsletter March 2002



Here it is, my first newsletter in English. I already made Dutch newsletters, but never an English version. If you received this newsletter in error please let me know. Look below in the left for removal of our emailadress.


Tax form 2001

Again many expatriates have to fill in a tax form. Some of them contacted me for help. In fact, more expatriates contacted me then I could ever imagine. So I have a lot of forms to fill in. Luckily there is something like a time extension ruling, which I will explain below.

All that work made me think about my current situation. As you may know I still work as a tax adviser at an accounting firm. This weekend I decided (after talking with my wife of course), that I am going to quit my job and dedicate myself, as much as possible, to the needs of expatriates.

I like to give the best service possible. That means I would like to visit my cliënts if they wish and to answer all questions and emails as soon as possible. At the moment I am able to visit many cliënts, but not everybody. That's what I don't like. To fill in all forms quicker I simply need more time to spend. In the current situation I have to spend to much time working for my employer and sitting in an office. I'd rather really help people. Since expatriates aren't familiar with our tax system and need friendly, fast and simple help (which is not to expensive) I believe my work is more appreciated by you (as an expatriate) then if I spend my time at an office for my employer.

But starting completely for myself involves some extra risk. That's why I hope you offer me your trust. If you know other expatriates who need help, just let them contact me. I would really appreciate it.

So, if you already sent me your information I will try to fill in your tax form(s) as soon as possible. If you are, for any reason, in a hurry, please let me know.

I also would like to thank you for all the nice comments I received about my website and my services for expatriates. That meant a lot to me. That was the main reason I decided to completely work for myself and for you, the expatriates. But if you have any wish or suggestion regarding my website and the information it contains, just let me know and I will adjust the website. I made the website in English, especially for you (which wasn't easy for me).

Thanks, and hope to keep hearing from you.


Time extension ruling for tax advisers


I already mentioned the time extension ruling. I will explain what it is.

Since tax advisers and accountants have many clients which all need their tax forms filled in, it's impossible to return them all before 1 april. That's why there is a special ruling which makes it possible to return the forms at a later date.

Instead of before 1 april 2002 the forms have to be returned before 1 march 2003. This ruling gives me more time to spend on the tax forms. I will mention all my clients names and sofinumbers on a special form and I will send it to the tax office before 25 march 2002. That way, all my clients who contacted me, get a time extension and they won't receive a reminder to return the form or a fine for not sending the form on time.

So, you don't have to worry if I won't make it before 1 april.

1 april 2002

Many people contact me about the date 1 april and the fact they didn't yet receive a tax form. Does that mean they will have a problem with the tax office?

In The Netherlands not everybody has to fill in a tax form. You will only have to fill in a form if the tax office believes you owe them money or if there is any other reason. So if the tax office believes you don't have any income which is not already being taxed in your salary you might not receive a tax form. In that case there is no problem, since you didn't receive a form, you won't have to return it before 1 april.

If you do have extra income, like a company car, you will have to fill in a tax form. If you didn't receive one you have to request one. Also, if you can claim some tax deductions, for example because you bought a house, and you didn't receive a form, just request one.

It's also possible to request a provisonal refund for the current year if you bought a house. Some costs are deductible, like the interest on the mortgage, cost for the notary etc.

Personal tax credits

There are some tax credits which can/may be claimed:

The standard tax credit of € 1.576 can be claimed by each individual. It is calculated in your salary. If you (or your partner) don't have a salary you can claim it seperately by sending a tax form to the tax office. So you don't even have to work for getting a tax refund! If you think you can get a refund contact me.


You can get a (extra) child credit of € 38 if you have a child. If you have a child and you work you can also claim the combination credit of € 190.




If you don't want to receive this newsletter anymore, send an email to us with subject 'unsubscribe newsletter'. This was the first newsletter in 2002. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.


Kind regards,


Arjan Enneman