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Newsletter July 2002

From: Arjan Enneman




After three months I now send you the third newsletter. It has been a very hectic period the last three months. Much more expats contacted me to take care of their tax return then I could ever imagine. A lot of different questions were asked and people needed help with all kinds of problems.


Still there is a lot of work that needs to be done and some needs to be done urgent. It can be possible that I still have to send you your tax return. I didn't forget you, but it takes time to organise everything and to complete all those forms. If you are in a hurry because you will leave The Netherlands in a few weeks, let me know and I'll try to complete everything before you leave.


Next year I believe everything will go smoother. This year changing from employee to self employed costed me more time than I expected.



This newsletter is being send to all the emailaddresses in my addressbook. I don't like to spam people so if you received this newsletter in error or you don't want to receive the newsletter anymore please let me know. Because of an earlier crash caused by a well known virus it's possible I didn't remove your emailaddress as requested. Please unsubmit again if that's the case. Also if you are Dutch and don't want to receive the English newsletter you can unsubscribe. I don't know if I will make a Dutch newsletter again in the future.

Please send this newsletter through to everybody you believe might be interested in our services.


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Partnership with Europlan

Partnership has been ended.

Appointments in the Hague


As a result of the partnership I will be in The Hague at least every Friday. So if you would like to meet me there I can fill in your tax return immediately (if I have all the required documents) and you can ask me your questions in person. Appointments can be made during the day.

Averaging income

It can happen that you have a much higher income in one year then you had in other years. This could be the case when a bonus is received or a compensation (of a couple of monthly salaries) because the contract is ended by the employer. In that year you will have to pay a lot of tax. There is a possibility to reduce taxes by averaging the taxable income.


The purpose of averaging is to distribute income evenly to mitigate progression. As there is a progressive rate in box 1 only, averiging may be done in box 1 only. Averaging can be done over three consecutive tax years. Averaging involves a threshold of Euro 545.


It's not possible to include the year 2001 in the period prior to 2001. This is the result of the revised tax system in 2001. Therefore, the averaging period must be prior to 2001 or start with 2001. A request for averaging must be done within 36 months after the (last) tax assessment(s) become irreversible.


Travel insurance


Holidays have started again. If you are going on vacation you will certainly need travelinsurance. Your bagage might be stolen or you might have to go to a foreign doctor or hospital. Don't let this spoil your vacation. Be sure that everything will be paid for.

The costs for a good insurance are not very high. You can also decide to get a permanent travelinsurance so that you are insured on every day of the year. Premiums for permanent travelinsurance start at 45 Euro per year.

Fairground in Tilburg


From 20 till 28 July the biggest fairground in The Netherlands (and Benelux) will be in Tilburg again. For nine days everybody can enjoy the 207 attractions. Last year more than 1 million people visited the fairground. Besides the attractions all the cafes are open. You will also find a huge beachtent (Heineken) and a big beerhall (Bavaria) on the fairground. So if you don't like the fairground you can always enjoy a nice drink.

We would like to visit the fairground on Sunday 21 July with our clients. It's a nice way to meet each other and other expats. If you want to visit this unique fairground with us please take a look at our website or click on the link below.




The tax office has started to send reminders to people who didn't return their tax form yet. If you receive a reminder from the tax office please let me know and I will contact the tax office about it.

This was the third newsletter in 2002. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.

Kind regards,

Arjan Enneman