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Newsletter January 2006

Welcome to our newsletter with information about the Dutch tax system and about our company.


2005 tax returns


Last week the tax office has started sending out the invitations for filing the 2005 Dutch tax return. Within three weeks most people will have received an invitation. If you don't receive an invitation then the reason can be that you don't have to file a tax return since your situation is straight forward or that you are not in their system yet. If you believe you can claim a refund then it is important to take action yourself. Expatax can assist you with this.

Expatax is specialized in filing tax returns for expats. More information can be found on Here you can download our English client questionnaire, find information about our procedure and go to our fee schedule.


If we receive all your documents before 1 March then we guarantee that your tax return is filed before 1 April. If we receive your documents between 1 March and 25 March then we will do everything we can to meet the deadline. Otherwise we will request the tax office to grant a time extension till March 2007. So the earlier we receive everything the earlier you will have your tax return and your refund. Of course everything still depends on the information you provide. If this information is not complete then there may be a delay.


Point of interest tax return 2005


The tax office has announced that this year they will look closely at the income from other activities like for example freelance income. So if you are a freelancer make sure your tax return is right and be prepared for questions from the tax office. They can require proof for income declared by you. Expatax can guide you through this and help you to prevent difficult questions.


The tax office has a new bank


On 1 November 2005 the tax office moved all their accounts from Rabobank to Postbank. It is important that all payments to the tax office are done on this new account. The new account number is 2445588. So if you have to make a payment to the tax office or if you have set up automatic transfers make sure you use the right account number. The tax office will print the right number on all their payment requests. Since Postbank uses the 'giro' system instead of the common bank system it may happen that it takes longer before payments go through although Postbank has promised to make the transfers the same day. To be sure we advise you to make your payments several days before the deadline.


Our office in Tilburg (Berkel-Enschot) will be closed


Because of a relocation the office in Tilburg will be closed from 1 March 2006. Everything will be concentrated in our office in Utrecht. Here we can invite our clients and keep all the client files. This office will be the contact point for all clients. So every phone call will go through this office where our office managers will answer your call and forward you to the right person. This way your phone call will always be answered. Also all faxes will be sent to this office. The phone- and fax number of the office in Tilburg will no longer be valid from this date. Please update your records accordingly. This way we can improve our service to you.


AABC - Meet and greet


Join us at the annual Meet and Greet event. The country’s main business players at one event – you cannot afford to miss it. It runs from 16:00 to 20:00 on February 13 at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel. Wine Tasting will be provided by Wines Way along with entertainment, hot appetizers and snacks, and a cash bar.


New (tax) rates 2006


In 2006 the tax rates have changed again.


Income tax


from € 0 - € 17,046: 34.15%
from € 17,046 - € 30,631: 41.45%
from € 30,631 to € 52,228: 42%
above € 52,228: 52%


Corporate tax


from € 0 - € 22,689: 25.5%
above € 22,689: 29.6%




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