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Newsletter January 2004

It's almost taxtime again! The Ministry of Finance has stated this week that the tax office will start sending the tax forms already in January. We are aiming to file as many tax returns as possible before the (first) deadline of 1 April. For tax returns which can't be filed before that date a time extension will be arranged.

The sooner we receive all information and documents to complete a tax return the bigger the chance will be that the tax return can be filed before 1 April. The year end statements from your employer and from a bank will be sent during January. Forward them to us together with the other relevant information so that we can start working on your tax return right away. The procedure can again be found on If you have already sent us a client questionnaire in the past you only have to provide us with additional information if something has changed. Please make sure we have a copy of your identity paper since EU rules have obligated us to identify every client before we can do any work for him or her.

What has changed this year:

New office in Utrecht: Appointments can now also be made in our office in Utrecht, only 15 minutes from Amsterdam.

New tax advisor: Bart van Meijl has joined Expatax. He is an expat tax advisor and is also specialized in tax advice for persons working in the music business.

New US tax advisor: Constanze Woelfle has made an agreement with Expatax to take care of the US taxreturns for our clients. Constanze has been working for PriceWaterhouseCoopers and is living in the Netherlands. She is very experienced and her rates are very competitive.

With the extra capacity we are now able to help you better and faster then before.

We wish you a happy New Year and hope that 2004 will bring you nothing but good news...

In this newsletter (more real tax news will follow in the next newsletter):

1. Seminar about the Dutch tax system
2. We welcome new clients
3. Foreign bankaccounts
4. New sofinumber
5. Unsubscribe

1. Seminar about the Dutch tax system


In the Netherlands you have many rules. More rules than you will ever know. For an expat it's even more difficult to know all the rules. Tax rules for example are very complicated. An expat will have many questions like:

Which taxes do I pay? What are the tax rates? How do I pay taxes? Can I get tax free allowances? When do I receive a tax return? What is the deadline for a tax return? What is the 30% ruling? What are the possible tax deductions? And: what are the changes in 2004?


Expatax can answer these questions. Early February we are planning to organise a seminar for expats about taxation in the Netherlands. We will discuss the Dutch tax system and answer your questions as far as the time allows us.


2. We welcome new clients


Because of the extra capacity we are able to help more clients with their tax returns etc. Our rates are very reasonable compared to other tax firms. Therefore if you have a friend, collegue, family member or any body else you know who needs help with his/her tax return we would appreciate a referal.


Several clients who have been happy with our work have told this to their employers who now have decided to contact Expatax for their tax matters too in the future. If you believe we can be of any value to your employer please refer them to our website: where we explain what we can do for them.


3. Foreign bankaccounts


It is possible to request the tax office to pay a refund to a foreign bankaccount. This can't be requested on the tax return itself but has to be done with a separate written request. In this request also the international numbers of the bankaccount like the swiftcode and the IBAN number has to mentioned, besides of course the accountnumber and the name of the bank. This can be a nice solution for expats leaving the Netherlands who don't want to keep their Dutch bankaccount open for a long time.


4. New sofinumbers


As of 1 January 2004 a sofinumber can't be given anymore by all the tax offices in the Netherlands. To prevent fraud a sofinumber can only be requested at the following tax offices:


- Alkmaar
- Almelo
- Amsterdam
- Breda
- Den Haag
- Doetinchem
- Eindhoven
- Goes
- Groningen
- Heerlen
- Leiden
- Leeuwarden
- Nijmegen
- Rotterdam
- Utrecht
- Zwolle


So if you live in Haarlem or Amstelveen for example then you have to go to another city to get a sofinumber.


5. Unsubscribe


This newsletter is sent to all the persons who have contacted us in the past, are clients or have subscribed to the mailinglist. If you don't want to receive anything from us anymore just reply to this email and mention that you would like to unsubscribe from future mailings. We will then delete your emailaddress from our systems. We do not harvest email addresses from other sources.


If you have any questions about the above you can always contact me. Feel free to forward this newsletter to other persons who you believe may be interested in receiving it. They can subscribe to our mailinglist on


Kind regards,


Arjan Enneman