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Newsletter February 2005

From: Arjan Enneman and Bart van Meijl, partners of Expatax


It is that time again. The holidays are over, so now it is time to focus on the annual income tax return again. As you know Expatax is more then happy to assist you with the whole filing procedure. Expatax is specialized in assisting expats and because of this specialization we have seen our business growing rapidly in 2004. Some important changes have occurred lately:


1. Global Tax Network


Expatax became a member of the Global Tax Network in 2004. GTN is an international network of tax advisors who are focussed on expats. So besides Dutch and US tax returns we can now also refer you to fully qualified tax advisors in many other countries. This way we can combine the tax returns for two different countries.


2. New server installed


From 1 January 2005 all correspondence will be sent to our office in Utrecht. From this office all our clients will be assisted and all documents will be archived here. Together with our new client relation management software combined with the availability of all documents in digital format on our internal server we can monitor our clients much better.


3. New office manager


The new system and software will be managed by our new office manager Roos de Munck. She will be responsible for the management of our client information and client contacts. An extra person in the office also improves our contactability. She will be working out of the office in Utrecht. We are planning to hire more employees in 2005.


All contact details of the Utrecht office can be found on About us.


More developments are on it's way.


4. Tax return 2004


With these changes we are aiming to speed up the completion of tax returns again this year. Our goal is to complete as much tax returns as possible before the April 1 deadline. This way the refunds will be paid out earlier. If you would like to receive an early refund send your information to us as soon as possible. Otherwise we can always arrange a time extension.

Our new client questionnaire for 2004 is available on our website.


Our fees are still reasonable and are still in the same price range as they were in 2004. We will however watch the spent hours much closer to make sure our feeschedule stays fair to everybody. We will however not charge you E 500 - E 1000 per tax return like other expat advisors do. Because of our extremely low overhead costs and the huge amount of expat tax returns we complete every year we can combine quality of work with reasonable fees. Our fees are also applicable to employers who would like Expatax to assist their employees with their income tax returns.


We appreciate your trust in our company!


Expatax can also assist you with:


- tax advice
- setting up a business (freelance or limited company)
- administration of your business
- payroll administration
- financial advice


Contact us for more information.


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If you have any questions about the above you can always contact me. Feel free to forward this newsletter to other persons who you believe may be interested in receiving it. They can subscribe to our mailinglist.


Kind regards,


Arjan Enneman