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Newsletter December 2002

Merry Christmas and a happy new year


We wish you a happy house hunting in the new year!


Tax Service

The year 2002 almost comes to an end. This means that once again the tax office may send you a tax return which you have to complete to show them your income for the past year.

To have an idea about the number of clients who would like to use our service and to be able to organise everything as smooth as possible we request you to let us know whether you would like us to assist you with your tax return for 2002.


For more info about the tax return for 2002 you can look on our website under taxation.


Christmas gift

A lot of you will have received a Christmas Gift from your employer. With this gift the employer wants to thank you for all the hard work you have done in the past year.


Unfortunately it could have been the last time that you will receive a gift from your employer. Reason is not that your employer doesn't like you anymore (we hope). As of 1 January 2003 the government will end the so called 'feastday ruling'. Based on this ruling the employer can give presents to the employees on specific days (like birthday and Christmas) tax free up to € 136 per year.


This means that until now the Christmas Gift could be given to you tax free. Your employer now has to decide whether he still is convinced that your work is good enough to cover the loss of the tax benefit.


So the employer now has to be honest. Was the real reason the tax benefit or you......


Renovating property


When you are using your mortgage to finance the renovation of your property don't forget to keep all invoices and bills you receive.


The taxoffice would like to see prove that your mortgage is really used for your main residence and then invoices are very important. Also agreements and quotations are relevant.


Tax return 2001


This year a lot of people have to wait a long time for their tax assessment.


The tax office only started working on the tax returns for 2001, which they received after 1 April 2002, in the second half of October 2002. This means they have a huge backlog. It can happen that you still haven't heard anything from the taxoffice, although you submitted your tax return months ago. It can take up to spring next year before everybody has received a tax assessment.


If you haven't received a reminder the tax office should have received your tax return.

Hopefully next year the tax office can keep their promise again to send a (provisional) tax assessment within 6-8 weeks after they received the tax return.


Tax assessment 2001


If you have received a tax assessment for 2001 and you would like to know whether it's correct you can send them to us and we will check it.


Look at our contact page for ways to send the assessment.




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This was the sixth newsletter in 2002. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.


Kind regards,


Arjan Enneman