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Newsletter August 2005

From: Arjan Enneman and Bart van Meijl, partners of Expatax BV


1. Reminders for 2004 tax returns


This weekend the tax office started to send reminders for 2004 tax returns which are not filed yet and for which a time extension was not granted. The reminders are dated 1 september 2005. The tax office would like to receive the 2004 tax return for which the reminder is sent before 1 October or else a fine may be given. It is of course possible that the tax return has already been filed recently but that it's not yet visible in the administration of the tax office. In that case nothing needs to be done.


Expatax can assist you with filing the tax return before 1 October 2004. If you need our assistance please check our procedure and send us the required documents. We will make sure everything is filed in time.


If you know other expats who received a reminder they are more then welcome to contact us.


2. New staff member


To be able to deal with the rising number of tax returns we have recently hired a new employee. Her name is Marcella van Lunszen and she studied fiscal law. She will complete your tax return and provide tax advice. With her help we can certainly deal with all the reminders.


3. Changes


A lot of things are going on in our company. We have moved our office to a much bigger unit in our office center during the holidays. We are and have been hiring new employees so more space was required. Pictures will be available on our website soon. We are also setting up a payroll company in the Netherlands together with activpayroll Ltd which is based in Aberdeen, Scotland. This way we can deal with the bigger payroll administrations. You will hear more about this in the next newsletter.


4. Employee savings for the year 2001 - 2004 free from 1 September 2005


The government has decided that the blocked employee savings ("spaarloon") for the years 2001 - 2004 can be unblocked without taxation from 1 September 2005. The decree was made to stimulate the Dutch economy. If you want to unblock the savings you should contact your bank. Your bank may also contact you automatically.


5. Company car in 2006


From 1 January 2006 the company car will no longer have to be declared in the income tax return. Instead the company car will be taxed in the payroll administration which is made by the employer. The rules will stay the same. So 22% of the list price of the car must be declared as wage for the wage tax reduced with the contribution paid by the employee. Only if the employer can proof (together with the employee) that the employee uses the car for less then 500 km per year for private purposes taxation can be prevented. This means that the employer is confronted with extra work. How everything will work out is now under investigation.


6. Unsubscribe


This newsletter is sent to all the persons who have contacted us in the past, are clients or have subscribed to the mailinglist. If you don't want to receive anything from us anymore just reply to this email and mention that you would like to unsubscribe from future mailings. We will then delete your email address from our systems. We do not harvest email addresses from other sources.


If you have any questions about the above you can always contact me. Feel free to forward this newsletter to other persons who you believe may be interested in receiving it. They can subscribe to our mailinglist.