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Tax advice: taxation in the Netherlands


You will already have found out that taxes are a very good way for the Dutch government to get your hard earned money. Almost every income you make is taxed. Whether you earn money, spend money, win money or even give your money away, the tax office is sitting in the front seat to get its share of the amount. The rules are changed frequently. Under tax news we will discuss new changes. 

Being an expat you may have many questions like:

Expatax can answer these questions. Our name already indicates that we are specialized in tax advice for expats. We can help you with your Dutch taxes, no matter where you live. If you would like to start a business or work as a freelancer Expatax can also help you with the administration and contacts with the tax authorities. We can file all your tax returns.

Fortunately tax rates have been reduced in the last years, although a lot of tax deductions had to be cancelled to make sure the government wouldn't lose any money. But there still exist certain tax benefits like the 30% ruling and the deduction of interest you pay on a mortgage.

Since we are able to keep the costs low we can offer reasonable rates. The rates can be found in our fee schedule.

The tax office regularly sends letters to all or to specific tax payers. You can find information about the tax office and an explanation of some of the letters they send under tax office.

We can also help you with your US tax return.

Examples of questions answered in our Knowledge Base:


Posted 20-04-2015