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Client questionnaire and travel calendar


We like to thank you in advance for taking the time to complete our client questionnaire. We will endeavour to complete your tax return, tax estimate or quotations as soon as possible. We hope that this questionnaire will provide us with all the information we need but there may be items about which we will need to ask for more in-depth information. If this is the case, your help and patience will be appreciated.


Dutch tax return


Please check our procedure here.


US tax return


If you would like us to prepare your US tax return AND your Dutch tax return please check our procedure here.


If you would like us to prepare only your US tax return please use below questionnaires:

US tax return 2018 (PDF) 

US tax return 2017 (PDF) 

US tax return 2016 (PDF) 

US tax return 2015 (PDF) 

US tax return 2014 (PDF)

US tax return 2013 (PDF)

US tax return 2012 (PDF)

US tax return 2011 (PDF)


Travel calendars


Travel calendars can be used to inform us about your foreign workdays. This is only relevant in case you were not living in the Netherlands but were working in the Netherlands and another country for the same employer or if you have the US nationality/US green card and the 30% ruling and you were employed in the Netherlands.


Travel calendar 2018

Travel calendar 2017

Travel calendar 2016

Travel calendar 2015

Travel calendar 2014

Travel calendar 2013

Travel calendar 2012

Travel calendar 2011


Engagement letters

2018 Engagement letter

2017 Engagement letter

2016 Engagement letter

2015 Engagement letter

2014 Engagement letter

2013 Engagement letter


FBAR worksheets

2018 FBAR worksheet 

2017 FBAR worksheet 

2016 FBAR worksheet 

2015 FBAR worksheet 

2014 FBAR worksheet

2013 FBAR worksheet


Schedule E Organizer - Rental schedule

2018 Schedule E Organizer 

2017 Schedule E Organizer 

2016 Schedule E Organizer 

2015 Schedule E Organizer 

2014 Schedule E Organizer

2013 Schedule E Organizer