Choose a company name

How would you like to name your business in the Netherlands?


Choosing a business name or a trade name for your company is subject to certain rules.


If you register your business in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce, a general search will be done to check if there is already a business with that name in your region. It may be in your interest to pay for the Chamber of Commerce to conduct a nationwide business name search. This also includes a search of business names which sound similar but are spelled differently. This investigation will however be charged to you. So if you are confident that the general search will work for you then you can take this decision.


Requirements to a business name


  • Your business name must not be confusing or misleading. That means that you cannot choose a name which is already being used by someone else or which is similar to it.
  • You may not represent yourself as anything other than what you really are. So, for example, you can't use 'BV' in your business name if your business is not a BV (private limited company).
  • Your trading name may not conflict with existing trade names. Please note that the Chamber of Commerce does not investigate whether this is the case when you register your business. Whether it conflicts depends on the number of times the name is used by other companies with different additions and if another company also uses the name in which branch and type of work they are operating.


Your own personal name can be used as (part of) your business name.


Your trade name is protected from the date that your company is operative and becomes known to third parties. Be aware that only the trade name is protected, not the trademark. If you want to register your business name as a trademark you will have to contact the Benelux-Merkenbureau.