Take care of your administration and bookkeeping

Hire Expatax to help you with your business administration

Running your own business also involves taking care of the administration. With all those Dutch rules which may be unknown to you this can be very difficult. Many times we hear that new business owners haven't done anything yet other than throwing all invoices and bills in a shoebox. You will know that this is not the best way to deal with it, allthough it's of course important to keep all these documents. A business needs a good administration which at the end of the year will be the base for the annual tax return. When the tax authorities decide to pay you a visit they sure would like to see the administration which has to be as perfect as possible and where invoices meet the requirements.

It will be a good idea to let a professional take care of your administration. Does this imply that it will cost you a lot of money? That depends on what needs to be done. We try to limit the necessary work as much as possible. But for a limited company the requirements are much bigger than for a one man business. Expatax employs Certified Public Accountants (AA)  who can assist you with all the aspects of accounting.

What can Expatax do for you and your business in the Netherlands?

  • monthly or quarterly bookkeeping
  • periodic VAT returns
  • preparation of year end accounts (balance, profit and loss plus explanations)
  • annual income tax return (for - freelance - business owners)
  • corporate income tax return (for limited companies)
  • completion of all forms you receive from the tax authorities and other governmental organisations (which are related to your business)
  • payroll administration
  • answering all your questions

End your paperwork stress, let Expatax be your bookkeeper

Let us help you sort, organize and handle all the mountains of paper that stack up. Even small business owners and freelancers have to face this and also have to deal with all the tax returns.

Stop working after hours

Relieve yourself of the stress of a never-ending day. You need time with the family and time to rest. Handling your own bookkeeping after a full work day or can be exhausting. Delegate to professionals who have the time and expertise to get it done right the first time. Enjoy your stay in Holland.

Expatax can save you money

Good financial records put you in control. You will be more profitable since you can react quickly to business challenges and trends. Stop paying late fees and become more competitive. Save money with our service.


Last updated 20-11-2016